Safety in free online dating

Almost all of us have wondered if we should start using the many free online dating services. What may be cause for our concern is the possibility of our personal details getting exposed to unwanted members. But almost all the free online dating services provide ways and means to protect the safety and privacy of free dating.

First and foremost, when somebody registers in the free online dating sites, they are required to confirm their email addresses. In some sites, the support team behind the free online dating site calls the member personally to ensure there is a real user with that name. This reduces the possibility of identity theft and some user posing as another person, with malicious intent.

Secondly, the free online dating sites clearly state in their terms and conditions that it is a crime to misrepresent oneself as unmarried. The crime can invite prosecution. This is to avoid people looking for things like extra-marital affairs and one-night stands. There are other sites for those activities. Thus the free online dating sites are able to focus on quality singles who have signed up for match making.

Thirdly, when you initiate a conversation with somebody on a free online dating site, your contact details are not immediately displayed to the other user. Either or both of you need to have paid, and need to have a clean record of dating activities. This allows the free online dating sites to cut down on trollers and scammers looking to unduly gain advantage from free dating.

The free online dating sites actively monitor the chat and other communication that happens through the site regularly. If they detect any abnormal activity, they take pains to cancel those user accounts immediately. So it is likely that only potentially decent daters will respond to your personals posting on these free online dating sites.

Unlike traditional dating sites, there is no scope of somebody initiating unwanted overtures like frequent phone calls or SMSes. This is because before you give out your phone number or mobile number, you have the chance to carefully screen the online behavior of your potential match.

If you do come across somebody who is creating a nuisance, you can report the activity to the free online dating site. They are very likely to respond to your complaint at the earliest because it is in their best interest to maintain good rapport with customers. If you are a paid member, you also get unlimited support through phone.

You can allow your profile to be viewed only by those members who meet some criteria like age, location, or interests. This lets you find somebody with like-minded interests. Ideally you will get a decent, well presentable and successful mate through free online dating websites.

You can compare the safety of various free online dating sites by visiting their respective sites. Many sites provide background checks and ‘Single’ certifications for prospective singles. (Like online dating). So the thought of going online for free dating need not cause fear in you.

In short, the safety procedures of free online dating sites are extremely good, and you can join them safely without worries.